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Alvin Caramel Colors ( India ) Pvt. Ltd

Alvin manufactures the widest range of Caramel Colours (liquid & powder), Burnt Sugars (liquid & powder), Invert Syrups & Golden Syrup.. A range of acid stable, salt stable, alcohol stable & general purpose quality products are offered to our valued customers. All our caramel colour products belong to Class I (E 150a), Class II (E 150b), Class III(E 150c) or Class IV (E 150d) to comply with the internationally agreed classification system for caramel colours. Our expert R&D team with their experience & innovation provide customized solutions to our customer's requirements.

Alvin has worked intensively to become what it is today, demonstrating leadership and innovation, experienced enough to solve any problems in applications  and yet flexible to make any product exactly adapted to meet customers' specifications and needs.
In recognition of the global standards in the food industry Alvin has been certified with the safety standard certification FSSC 22000:2010 which includes ISO 22000 : 2005 & ISO/TS 22002-1.

All of Alvin’s products adhere to all global regulatory and stationary standards which includes BIS, FSSAI, CODEX, FCC, EU Derivatives etc. Alvin's plant and products are Kosher & Halal approved. Alvin is a registered member of SMETA & is regularly audited for SMETA 4-pillar. Alvin has therefore established relations based on Quality, Service & Reliability.


Our Innovations









Low 4-MEI Class III (E150c) Caramel Colour.



Low 4-MEI Class IV (E150d) Caramel Colour.



Low Sulphite Class IV (E150d) Caramel Colour


Alvin commenced manufacturing of caramel colours as a partnership firm in 1979.

In 1985 it was incorporated into Private Limited Company



Alvin Caramel Colours (India) Pvt. Ltd

We as a team have dedicated ourselves to sustain our core values




Thus we belive to sustain and to develop team ALVIN, We train our team in every aspect with contionous efforts to enhance development, provide oppotunities for development.

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